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Happy Customers are Loyal Customers!

iDENTIfy is a powerful elective medical and dental practice improvement solution that can help you develop a culture of excellence, increase sales and improve the customer experience. Use our advanced survey platform to swiftly and easily collect sales related information and feedback from your patients. Coach, motivate and reward staff with the help of detailed reports and a  social media platform that, via our easy-to-use software and app, delivers real-time feedback directly and automatically to staff and doctors. Utilize the “big data” and analytics we provide to increase production, improve decision making, and gain a competitive advantage.

iDENTIfy Saas software and app is designed to help you address the “value gap” by 1) pre-qualifying patients early in the sales process, also called “patient profiling” and 2) gleaning valuable patient feedback at every stage of his/her interaction with your staff and doctors.

iDENTIfy can help you:

  • Ensure you’re consistently delivering high quality care in a comfortable, compassionate environment
  • Quickly understand who your “high-value” patients are with Identify’s “Engagement Rating”
  • Improve the patient experience by understanding what patients really want, need and are concerned about
  • Retain current patients and win new ones sooner
  • Coach, motivate and reward your staff more effectively
  • Improve adoption and utilization of  your preferred treatment options such as clear aligner therapy, clear braces, etc. with pre-written sales scripts
  • Quickly understand and address barriers that prevent patients from starting treatment
  • Increase transparency resulting in better problem solving and decision making
  • Evaluate your staff and doctors with objective information contained in detailed report cards
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I am excited for Identify to integrate with practice management software because the new application will provide burden-free sales and operational excellence tools that will truly advance the industry!

N Hopkins, Practice Manager Intern, TX

Since implementing Identify, I have seen a 19% increase in my Net Promoter Score and a 31% increase in Invisalign® sales.

D. Shen, DMD, San Francisco, CA

Identify helps me coach my staff more effectively and ensure more efficient and enjoyable visits for all my patients from start to finish.

R. Busquets, DMD, Fairfield, CA

Using Identify before, during and after treatment produces unexpected positive results and keeps the staff alert to office procedures. I highly recommend Identify to all practices!

S. Law, DDS Sunnyvale, CA

Identify helps my Treatment Coordinators understand why patients don’t start treatment right away and then they can adjust their sales strategy accordingly for the recall. Once the ‘stops’ are removed, they start treatment.

Tina L, Team Leader, Hercules, CA

It is very important for me to get to know my patient’s and Identify helps me easily accomplish this. It also allows me to offer patients suitable payment options and motivate them to accept and start their treatment sooner.

May H., Treatment Coordinator, San Francisco, CA

Identify offers the perfect reminder for doctors to include both emotional and physical needs, as they relate to orthodontics, when conversing with patients and developing a treatment plan that’s tailored to the individual.

D Shen, DMD, San Francisco

Since implementing Identify, I have notice a heightened awareness of personnel regarding office procedures and things that are important to patients.

R. Busquets, Orthodontist, Danville, CA

We utilized Identify’s real-time information in daily huddles to increase transparency, inspire better problem solving and reward outstanding customer service. As a result, patients and employees are happier and more engaged. Thank you Identify!

Kaye H, Practice Manager, TX

Since our consultant helped us implement the Identify program, we have solved more than 50 issues improving our overall patient experience and satisfaction ratings in our 11 offices.

D. Shen, Orthodontist, San Bruno, CA

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