Identify Dental Logo MascotiDENTIfy, Inc.’s New Technology Will Enable Professionals to  Lead from the Patient’s Perspective

DANVILLE, CA, MAY 17, 2017 – iDENTIfy, Inc, a company dedicated to applying High Reliability Organization principles to the improvement of elective dental and medical practices, has taken the inevitable next step: intelligent automation.

Described by many dentists as a “refreshing new approach,” iDENTIfy seeks to apply to the dental industry some tried-and-tested solutions successfully used in other sectors. Designed to help practitioners delight customers and personalize the patient experience, it is in the early stages of development with Appster, a SF/Australia/NY based software development company. A 2016 report by Salesforce notes that the “customer experience is now the top sales benchmark.” iDENTIfy’s software gives dental professionals a better understanding of their patients and their purchasing patterns, thus enabling them to retain existing customers and win new ones – sooner.

iDENTIfy’s new offering seeks to address problems that have plagued the industry in recent years. According to the Dental Economics-Levin Group Annual Practice Survey (2015), “Seventy-five percent of dental practices have experienced production declines since the 2008 recession.” And, says U.S. News Staff (2016), an increase in competition only exacerbates these challenges, as the number of practicing dentists is “projected to grow by 18 percent from 2014 to 2024, a much faster rate than the average for all occupations”.

iDENTIfy’s value was verified by a successful 3-year pilot study conducted on orthodontic practices in the Western U.S. Some key 2016 stats:

●  A Net Promoter Score increase of 19% ● Production growth of 15%
●  A 5-Star Yelp review increase of 450% ● An overall Invisalign® production increase of 38%
●  An Invisalign Teen® production increase of 148% ● A case conversion ratio increase of 9%

Elective dental and medical practices can use the new product to (1) obtain patient information early on (a process called “pre-qualification” or “patient profiling”), and (2) glean valuable feedback from the patient at every stage of his/her interaction with staff and doctors, thereby ensuring that such feedback is available during the continuous quality and improvement cycle.

Objective information, available in real-time, enables doctors to coach and reward staff and conduct more productive huddles. Practices utilizing the software report fewer missed opportunities, as well as a renewed commitment, clarity and sense of direction. By understanding the patient’s perspective, they can concentrate on the things that matter most.

About iDENTIfy, Inc.

iDENTIfy, founded in late 2016, uses big data analytics, micro-learning, personalized patient scripting and high reliability concepts borrowed from nuclear aerospace to develop customer profiles, allowing a practice to personalize the customer experience, prioritize patients and improve the bottom line. David Shen, DMD, widely recognized as one of the top five most experienced Invisalign® practitioners in the world, has said, “Identify changed my life and my practice.”  Learn more at Offices in Danville, CA and Amarillo, TX.

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