Millennial Mothers: A demographic that deserves your attention

By: Trude Henderson

In a blog appearing on June 12th, “Steven Klinghoffer’s ‘The Millennial Effect’ Addresses a Major Challenge to Dental Practitioners,” we drew your attention to an article devoted to the demands of that generation of consumers. Now we would like to discuss a piece regarding a subcategory of the Millennial generation, “Millennial Mom Trends That Will Help Your Brand Thrive.” This blog, by someone who writes under the pseudonym of “Lavanya,” appeared on the website of Trybe, a marketing research company, on March 17th of this year.

The writer begins by describing some of the distinctive traits of Millennial moms: born in the late seventies or early eighties, nine million strong, more tech-savvy than their own mothers, “socially aware, constantly connected, global citizens, entrepreneurial, and progressive,” with an estimated 200 billion dollars at their disposal and open to trying new products and services.

Obviously, marketers ignore this segment at their peril. The difficulty for marketers, says the writer, is that they are accustomed to targeting their audiences via TV, print and radio, while Millennial moms are more accustomed to communicating via Internet and digital media. Sounds like a misunderstanding and a huge missed opportunity!

Lavanya identifies some of the more important trends regarding this demographic:

  • Millennial moms use a variety of devices “to shop, connect and educate themselves,” switching between them when necessary.
  • They shop online, attracted by the prices, variety of products and services, and shipping options they find there, and because they can save time that way.
  • They depend on social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest to learn the opinions of others regarding the products and services that interest them.
  • For Millennial moms, who have so much to choose from, company values are a priority, perhaps even more important than price.
  • Millennial moms listen to other moms, taking their advice, product recommendations and service reviews more seriously than those of ‘experts.’

The author emphasizes, “With an almost untapped segment awaiting marketers, it is important that brands understand the relevant millennial mom trends.”

With this said, as we head into the second half of 2017, you might find it worthwhile to evaluate your dental practice marketing and patient communication strategies against these insights to help ensure that you are 1) reaching Millennial moms 2) ‘listening to understand’ while calling your ‘shared values’ to their attention (also called co-creating value) and 3) communicating (including following up after a consultation) with them in a timely manner, before another mom convinces your potential customer to switch providers at the local soccer field!

Find Steven Kinghoffer’s article here:

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