Identify  provides practice owners with easy-to-use, real-time collaborative technologies including telecommunication capabilities and customized patient surveys, designed to assist you in increasing production, improving communication and efficiency, and anchoring new approaches for doing quality work into your culture, all making for more sustainable results.

Identify’s Continuous Improvement Suite contains operational excellence tools and customized patient surveys that can help improve the patient experience and provide objective information from the patient’s perspective, enabling you to effectively evaluate, motivate and reward your team members!  It is designed to give you, the practice owner, the opportunity to listen to, analyze and act on information from the patient’s point-of-view, thus enabling you to achieve operational excellence and delight patients. Among them its benefits:

  • An  improved competitive advantage
  • An improved patient experience and outcome
  • Information that helps leaders recognize and reward exemplary employee behaviors, resulting in improved staff morale and engagement
  • A better understanding of operations & systems management 1
  • More transparency, making problem-solving easier and more effective 2
  • Improved source identification and grasp of the underlying causes of problems 3
  • Improved sales and case conversion ratios
  • Improved team alertness and fewer mistakes 4
  • Improved team communication and responsiveness to issues 5
  • An improvement in sales skills
  • Improved safety measures
  • A tighter alignment of sales and marketing
  • Improved accountability and teamwork
  • On-the-spot problem solving 6
  • Staff meetings and daily huddles that are more productive
  • An overall transformation of practice culture
  • Improved ROI
Identify Software increases dental patient conversions

Our Tele-Dental Suite allows patients and dentists to utilize live video-conference technology including convenient mobile devices to photograph, evaluate and monitor tooth movement at a distance during orthodontic treatment. Telemedicine has undergone a striking evolution during the last decade and is becoming an increasingly important part of the healthcare infrastructure all over the world.

Identify’s Tele-Dental Suite can help with the following:

Luxury Medical Analytics Software from Identify Inc
  • Reducing the number of patients at in-office visits
  • Freeing up chairs to more new patients in the office
  • Lowering costs
  • Providing convenient care, with more choices for patients
  • Empowering patients via self-treatment
  • Increasing your ability to treat patients in remote locations, e.g. students out-of  state, military personnel, patients without access to care, etc.
  • Generating data-driven insights that can help drive further research

The term operational excellence is used to describe a mindset characterized by the relentless search for ways in which to improve performance and profitability, while focusing on customer expectations. Another way of putting it: “It is the consequence of an enterprise-wide practice of ideal behaviors.” 7

HRO has been defined as “an organization that conducts relatively error-free operations over a long period of time, making consistently good decisions that result in high quality and reliable operations.” 8 Industries that pioneered the use of HRO concepts include aviation, nuclear power, manufacturing and in the military. In 2008, hospitals began adapting and applying High Reliability science to their operations with great success. Through its platform, Identify continues to introduce the concepts and educate the dental industry about them.

What We Do Differently:

We help you achieve operational excellence, engaging both patients and staff, via the most up-to-date but proven concepts, advanced technologies and collaborative relationships with outside industry and local experts.

Our Co-founder, Trude Henderson, can draw on her 27-year-long career in the high-reliability organizational cultures of the healthcare and nuclear aerospace sectors – ones in which the highest focus and consistency are critical. Equipped with such expertise and experience, Ms. Henderson is uniquely qualified to grasp the need for a product like the Identify’s Collaborative Technology Platform, the culmination of decades of research aimed at empowering organizations to achieve the best possible results.

Ms. Henderson insists that what other industries can gain from this approach, in addition to safer operations, is an understanding of what characteristics and behaviors create conditions that produce exemplary or ‘high-reliability’ performance, and then of the sustainable results of adopting and applying these lessons over time. She asks,

“What practice owner doesn’t want to be able to provide high-quality treatment and a better patient experience, and with fewer patients falling through the cracks?”

In 2016, Trude Henderson was the first to introduce HRO concepts to the dental industry.

“Big data” is your key to long-term success and sustainability. Identify’s suite of collaborative technologies provides you with an invaluable supply of sales, marketing and patient experience information, vital for better decision-making, boosting performance and promoting operational excellence.

The digital ecosystem is more important than ever to practices and practice management software companies who want to remain competitive, to integrate their core business functionalities with third parties, and to ensure that their platforms are driven by their customers’ needs.

A 2016 report by Salesforce notes that the “customer experience is now the top sales benchmark.9 This means that companies must reinvent traditional sales approaches and re-evaluate the criteria they use to quantify success. Please note: this methodology applies to both practices, vendors and practice management software companies. Those who resist these changes are likely to fall by the wayside, because in today’s digital world, customers have more power than ever before to dictate which businesses lead and which ones fall behind.

Moreover, In the report, top sales professionals identified and ranked the following as the most important challenges over the next few years:

  1. Growing the number of new leads and customers (the most important)
  2. Increased customer retention via closer relationships
  3. Becoming a trusted advisor to customers
  4. Providing customers with a more personalized experience
  5. Increasing the dollar amounts of each sale

Identify, with its team of uniquely qualified experts, is proud to provide a solution that not only addresses these and other challenges, but sets new standards and transforms the elective medical and dental industries.  Our unique collaborative approaches are at the forefront of the digital transformation in the areas of telecommunication, sales and operational excellence, drawing on technology designed to deliver a personalized experience to customers. The result – new hope for industries plagued with increased competition, poor sales skills and business practices, and an increase in corporate take-overs.

Whether you’re adding new treatment options, striving to reach a milestone or simply trying to evaluate the quality of your team’s customer service, Identify can help improve communication, and pinpoint problem areas and variances that merely serve to maintain the status quo and prevent your practice from growing.

Identify is grounded on the premise that cultures are transformed, and long-term success sustained, by adopting a 360-degree approach that places a high priority on people.  Even organizations with a healthy culture will face challenges, but  Identify helps staff and doctors see challenges as opportunities. Happy productive staff = happy practice owner!

Practices without a steady flow of high-value patients, and knowledgeable ‘high fit’ staff and doctors to provide treatment, are unlikely to survive. On the other hand,  practices that implement Identify, having anchored their new approaches for doing quality work into the culture and achieved sustainable results, are most likely those that have connected the dots between right behaviors, aligned systems and organizational success. That’s peace-of-mind!

For the first time ever, practice leaders have the priceless opportunity to benefit from operational excellence tools and concepts that improve the patient experience and provide objective information from the patient’s perspective, enabling you to effectively evaluate, motivate and reward your team members! From day one, you can experience improved accountability and teamwork, and steer more patients towards treatment, sooner.

What would happen if practice leaders spent just as much quality time thinking about things that help improve the patient experience and demonstrably drive better value for their patients, as they do thinking about and formulating treatment plans for patients?  And then taking action by including and motivating the people in their practice to make those thoughts a reality?  Be that leader!

We’ve taken our successful 3-year pilot study to the next level: our completely automated and burden-free state-of-the-art software and app are in the early production phase at Appster, a SF/Australia/NY-based software development company named by Forbes (in the November, 2015 issue) as one of the five most successful tech companies in the world (for more information, please go to  We’re excited to announce that we have successfully completed their exhaustive and grueling vetting process.

As part of our effort to bring our orthodontic edition to market, we’re asking Practice Management Software companies to integrate with us, thus eliminating duplication and providing a lean, user-friendly experience. Other speciality editions will follow the orthodontic one.

Moreover, we plan to initiate a crowdfunding campaign within the next 30 days.  Please help Identify help YOU by  participating in our campaign, then sharing the news of it with your

friends, family and colleagues, and inviting them to participate as well.  Your support will help to convince others of the demand for, and potential value of, our product, once it is fully integrated.

The support of leading industry professionals such as yourselves will aid us in fulfilling our mission to deliver a high-quality product designed to enhance your practice and transform the industry.

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Want to learn more about how Identify can change your life for the better? 

I am excited for Identify to integrate with practice management software because the new application will provide burden-free sales and operational excellence tools that will truly advance the industry!

N Hopkins, Practice Manager Intern, TX

Since implementing Identify, I have seen a 19% increase in my Net Promoter Score and a 31% increase in Invisalign® sales.

D. Shen, DMD, San Francisco, CA

Identify helps me coach my staff more effectively and ensure more efficient and enjoyable visits for all my patients from start to finish.

R. Busquets, DMD, Fairfield, CA

Using Identify before, during and after treatment produces unexpected positive results and keeps the staff alert to office procedures. I highly recommend Identify to all practices!

S. Law, DDS Sunnyvale, CA

Identify helps my Treatment Coordinators understand why patients don’t start treatment right away and then they can adjust their sales strategy accordingly for the recall. Once the ‘stops’ are removed, they start treatment.

Tina L, Team Leader, Hercules, CA

It is very important for me to get to know my patient’s and Identify helps me easily accomplish this. It also allows me to offer patients suitable payment options and motivate them to accept and start their treatment sooner.

May H., Treatment Coordinator, San Francisco, CA

Identify offers the perfect reminder for doctors to include both emotional and physical needs, as they relate to orthodontics, when conversing with patients and developing a treatment plan that’s tailored to the individual.

D Shen, DMD, San Francisco

Since implementing Identify, I have notice a heightened awareness of personnel regarding office procedures and things that are important to patients.

R. Busquets, Orthodontist, Danville, CA

We utilized Identify’s real-time information in daily huddles to increase transparency, inspire better problem solving and reward outstanding customer service. As a result, patients and employees are happier and more engaged. Thank you Identify!

Kaye H, Practice Manager, TX

Since our consultant helped us implement the Identify program, we have solved more than 50 issues improving our overall patient experience and satisfaction ratings in our 11 offices.

D. Shen, Orthodontist, San Bruno, CA