Identify’s mission is to make a positive difference in the elective medical and dental industries by providing practice owners with easy-to-use, real-time collaborative technologies, designed to engage both employees and patients, improve the patient experience and drive practice growth.

At Identify, we believe that placing high priority on people and promoting practice improvement via collaborative technologies and an understanding of the patient’s perspective is truly a game-changing business model. In addition, we feel it will become a central element of practice transformation strategies for years to come.

Moreover, today’s patients expect to utilize digital tools to enhance communication with their healthcare providers in order to obtain the highest quality and convenient care. This means that in order to survive, practices must become collaborative, patient-centric, digital businesses. Identify, via its state-of-the-art Continuous Improvement SaaS and Tele-Dental Suites, aspires to become an important operational enabler of the kind of patient knowledge and engagement required to boost revenues, reduce costs and meet patient expectations.

To achieve this, Identify draws on Practice Management Software (PMS) that offers practice leaders enhanced, scalable, connected solutions within a secure global ecosystem.


Identify is a disruptor to the status quo practice, and the energizer for the high performing one. 

Identify is a startup collaborative technology company equipped to deliver a 360-degree systematic approach to practice improvement that can transform your practice culture. It has been shown that technical competence, although indispensable, is not enough to enable an organization to realize its full potential. In truth, practices only become sustainable when they have leaders who model a service-oriented culture distinguished by the priority it puts on human beings, and who are quick to seize opportunities beneficial to all stakeholders.

Our orthodontic edition is the product of a collaboration between practitioners with innovative outside industry knowledge and local experts. The result: tools that can provide your practice with a burden-free, long-term competitive advantage. Our advanced, user-friendly platforms provide staff and doctors with real-time information that enables you to easily prepare, respond to and optimize your patients’ experience, from start to finish.

Do you find it challenging to break out of the status quo? Or To hire and retain the right people, capable of asking the right questions and answering objections effectively?

Research has shown that 75% of dental practices have experienced production declines since the 2008 recession (Levin, 2015) and that an increase in competition – the number of practicing dentists is expected to grow by 18% by 2024 (U.S. News Staff, 2016) – only exacerbates these challenges.

It’s no secret that corporate dentistry has experienced explosive growth and that buyers are paying premium prices for practices. Transition expert Roger K. Hill (Hill, 2016) says that, most of the time, investors are confident that they can significantly increase profit potential by implementing management best practices.

Identify’s Continuous Improvement Suite’s value was verified by a 3-year pilot study conducted in the Western United States. For the first time, practice leaders will benefit from operational excellence tools that improve the patient experience and provide objective information from the patient’s perspective, enabling you to effectively evaluate, motivate and reward your team members! Beginning on day-one, you can inspire improved accountability and teamwork, and acquire more patients, sooner.

Our pilot study practices had a tremendous 2016. Some key stats:

  • Production growth of 15%
  • A start ratio increase of 9%
  • A Net Promote Score increase of 19%
  • A 5-star Yelp review increase of 450%
  • An overall Invisalign® production increase of 31%
  • An Invisalign® teen production increase of 148%

Our state-of-the-art software and app are in the early production phase at Appster, a SF/Australia/NY based software development company that Forbes (in the November, 2015 issue) named one of the five most successful tech companies in the world. We at Identify are excited to announce that we have successfully completed their exhaustive and grueling vetting process.

Whether it be smallest office with only one doctor, or the largest of practices with multiple locations, every organization can benefit from implementing Identify solutions, bringing fresh value to new and existing patients that is sustainable for years to come.

And now a few words about Identify’s Tele-Dental Suite, designed to help practices manage symptoms and medical conditions, and monitor tooth movement during orthodontic treatment.  We have teamed up with PMS Companies in order to make the most of each other’s strengths – our sales and operational excellence expertise and their scheduling and clinical operations capabilities, just to name a few.

The Tele-Dental Suite can help with the following:

  • Reducing the number of patient in-office visits
  • Lowering costs
  • Empowering patients via self-treatment
  • Freeing up chairs to more new patients in the office
  • Increasing your ability to treat patients in remote locations, e.g. students out-of-state, military personnel, patients without access to care, etc.
  • Generating data-driven insights that can help drive further research

Incredible patient experiences, intensify patient engagement, strengthen connections and grow your business.

“Identify, in real-time, helps practice leaders grasp the fundamental sales and operational strategies required for success, while inspiring employees and doctors to work in sync with them. Practice owners, join the revolution today, guaranteed to result in happier and more efficient teams that produce results.” ~ Trude Henderson

I am excited for Identify to integrate with practice management software because the new application will provide burden-free sales and operational excellence tools that will truly advance the industry!

N Hopkins, Practice Manager Intern, TX

Since implementing Identify, I have seen a 19% increase in my Net Promoter Score and a 31% increase in Invisalign® sales.

D. Shen, DMD, San Francisco, CA

Identify helps me coach my staff more effectively and ensure more efficient and enjoyable visits for all my patients from start to finish.

R. Busquets, DMD, Fairfield, CA

Using Identify before, during and after treatment produces unexpected positive results and keeps the staff alert to office procedures. I highly recommend Identify to all practices!

S. Law, DDS Sunnyvale, CA

Identify helps my Treatment Coordinators understand why patients don’t start treatment right away and then they can adjust their sales strategy accordingly for the recall. Once the ‘stops’ are removed, they start treatment.

Tina L, Team Leader, Hercules, CA

It is very important for me to get to know my patient’s and Identify helps me easily accomplish this. It also allows me to offer patients suitable payment options and motivate them to accept and start their treatment sooner.

May H., Treatment Coordinator, San Francisco, CA

Identify offers the perfect reminder for doctors to include both emotional and physical needs, as they relate to orthodontics, when conversing with patients and developing a treatment plan that’s tailored to the individual.

D Shen, DMD, San Francisco

Since implementing Identify, I have notice a heightened awareness of personnel regarding office procedures and things that are important to patients.

R. Busquets, Orthodontist, Danville, CA

We utilized Identify’s real-time information in daily huddles to increase transparency, inspire better problem solving and reward outstanding customer service. As a result, patients and employees are happier and more engaged. Thank you Identify!

Kaye H, Practice Manager, TX

Since our consultant helped us implement the Identify program, we have solved more than 50 issues improving our overall patient experience and satisfaction ratings in our 11 offices.

D. Shen, Orthodontist, San Bruno, CA