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6 Things That Will Make Your Dental Practice Manager Shout, “I Can’t Live Without You!”

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By: Trude Henderson Today we are going to change things up a bit and focus on things from the perspective of the dental practice employee, rather than that of the practice manager. Travis Bradberry, (an article by whom we discussed in 2 complementary blogs on July 19th – 21st), maintains in “7 Ways to Blow You’re Bosses Mind” (Forbes, September 29, 2015”) that for an ambitious employee, is in not enough to merely follow orders: “Your boss’s expectations are the…

A Metrics-Based Approach to Gauging Dental Patient Loyalty

Dental patient Loyalty

By: Trude Henderson In his “Why you have fewer loyal patients than you think, and what to do about it,” published in Dentistry IQ on June 30, Steve Klinghoffer addresses the problem of patient retention. He begins by saying that every dental practice has three kinds of patients: “Raving fans.” This is self-explanatory. “Attendees.” These are patients who have been with a dental practice for years, but come only sporadically and don’t provide referrals. ‘Vulnerable Patients.” These visit only when there…